Send wave after wave of creeps forcing your way through your opponent's defenses.


Strategize an elaborate tower maze to thwart your enemy's ambitions.


Level up, rise through the ranks and expand your arsenal of towers, creeps, and other perks.

Fire With Fire Online Tower Attack and Defense

Short online tower defense matches against friends and matchmaking opponents. Level up and expand your arsenal by choosing from an ever growing library of towers and creeps to throw at your enemies. Dozens of unique battlefields will have you thinking on your feet. Rise up the ranks of this vibrant war-torn world.

Soon to be available through Steam and OUYA.

Visit our dev blog for news and updates. Contact us if you need anything. Presskit available here.

Fire with Fire Game Screenshot - Attacking Fire with Fire Game Screenshot - Pick Screen Fire with Fire Game Screenshot - Wave Planning Fire with Fire Game Screenshot - Under Fire

Direction and Development Theory Georgiou
Graphic Art Brian Shepard Music Stephen D. Gibson

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