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For any reason at all.

Feel free to contact us for any reason, we love feedback.

Theory Georgiou

I'm designing Fire With Fire, and programming the game client, server and website. I've been working as a programmer for over 5 years but have been an artist my entire life. I couldn't be happier to meld all my skills and passions into one project.

Brian Shepard

Brian Graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Florida. He Immediately began showing his artwork through mobile game graphics. He's an unending well of graphic style and we're glad to have him on this project.

Stephen D. Gibson

You may know him as Esgee from his sunday night internet radio show the R9Cast. I understand hes a talented music/video editor. He will be creating our soundtrack, the music he has already created for us is better then we could ask for.

Kyle Bourne

The Network Manager, Server Admin. Kyle has a long history of maintaining computer hardware and is renown for his technical support. Sporting a Bachelor's in Information Security, I'm certain he can keep us up and running 24/7.

Adam Adkins

Will be our forum admin(when we are at this stage). You may recognize him from various anime and other geeky forums on the internet.