Theory Georgiou
Based in Central Florida

Release date:
March 29, 2016

Initially PC, Razer Forge TV
Soon Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


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Fire with Fire is an online one vs. one tower defense strategy game about ascendant fireball creatures fighting over the last remaining fuel sources of a dying planet. Save the trees and rise up the leader boards! New unique towers, creeps, and arenas are added every 2-3 weeks.

The concept of Fire with Fire was inspired by the competitive versus components found in fan made Starcraft tower defense maps, combined with traditional standalone games like Bloons and Desktop Tower Defense -- but with a larger pool of strategic options and tower mechanics.

Tower defense fans who enjoy strategic depth, one on one competition, and consistent content additions will love Fire with Fire Tower Attack and Defense.

We are releasing initially on Steam and Razer Forge TV Early Access while we gather feedback, and fill out our Tower and Creep Roster. iOS and Android ports will be available upon the full release in a couple months.


I'm Theory Georgiou. With the help of artist Brian Shepard and composer Stephen Gibson, we've been developing Fire With Fire in our spare time for over 3 years.

We successfully funded our Kickstarter for $10,462 back in 2014, and took advantage of the Ouya Free the Games Fund. I had taken out a loan against the contractually promised funds from Ouya upon the game's release; promised funds which went unfulfilled when Ouya went under. Many months later, thanks to Razer, who bought the Ouya name, a new deal was established with the Free the Games Fund partners, and we're finally on track again. I took on contract work to keep myself fed and sheltered in the meantime. Production slowed greatly as I worked double time to pay off debt, make a living, and work on the game.

It has not been easy, but unlike other Kickstarter projects that fold under pressure, we are powering through it -- we owe it to our backers to make this game a reality.


  • Our own system improving on traditional Tower Defense elements such as tech trees and tower upgrading.
  • Fire with Fire features player vs. player online matchmaking, in which opponents choose and deploy waves of creeps against each other in a psudo turn-based format.
  • Players gain experience points by completing achievements, clearing single player maps, and defeating matchmaking opponents.
  • Grow Fruit to gain stat bonuses and additional in-game effects for your online matches.
  • We add new towers, creeps, arenas, and balance updates regularly.


Early Access Trailer


download screenshots, logo other promotional materials .zip (10MB)

There are far more images available for Fire with fire, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please contact us!

fire with fire action
fire with fire action 2
fire with fire action 3
fire with fire build
fire with fire creep waves
fire with fire lobby
fire with fire pick menu
fire with fire tree

Selected Articles

"I love Fire With Fire‘s art style. Something about those thick outlines, vivid colors, and cute characters really works for me. I’m sure it’ll look great on any platform."

Team & Repeating

Theory Georgiou
Lead Developer & Game Designer

Brian Shepard
Art & Visual Direction

Stephen D. Gibson

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